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Loving The Dubious: A Conversation In Poems with Lauren Camp, Barbara Rockman and Anne Valley-Fox

Three poets voice their visions of the body, politics and family in poems of wit and honesty.

A lively, provocative hour, with refreshments and book signing to follow.

Free and everyone welcome!

Friday, June 24 at 7:00 pm

333 Montezeuma Annex, 333 Montezeuma Avenue, Santa Fe,

located in the Guadalupe Center, corner of Guadalupe and Montezeuma

Lauren camp, Anne Valley-Fox, Barbara Rockman

Loving The Dubious: A Conversation In Poems



Interview on Miriam’s Well

I had the pleasure of considering poet and blogger, Miriam Sagan’s engaging questions about the line, how the body is part of the writing process and the challenges of being a poet. See my answers on her April 16, 2011 post at

Book release announcement

Please join me at the release of Sting and Nest

Wednesday, April 27 at 6 pm

Collected Works Bookstore

202 Galisteo St., Santa Fe

Reading and book signing and celebration!

Contact 992-3553 or Collected Works Bookstore, 988-4226




Thoughts on Making a Book


Excerpt from preface of “Sting and Nest”

“Thoughts on Making a Book”

I have been told that poems whose subject is the domestic life too easily become sentimental, unimportant, and cannot rival the value of the great themes of war, death, loss, and love. I have been told that the poems of family and motherhood are as essential as water, subjects needed by every mother, father, son, and daughter. I have come to believe the latter—to know such poems as essential, and that every traditional poetic theme runs through them like blood.

These are my necessary poems. In several ways, the writing of them saved my life. Saved, as a record or history documents a period of time. Saved, as helping me to endure and enjoy my daughters’ young and adolescent years without being overwhelmed by a sense of entrapment. Saved me, by providing a vehicle through which I learned to balance motherhood and marriage with my identities as woman, writer, and teacher.

­­–– Barbara Rockman


Sting and Nest publication

Praise for “Sting and Nest”

“Barbara Rockman sees the world as cornucopic with metaphor. But, like Dickinson, she finds those metaphors close to home, whether in the vivid and ongoing presence of her childhood, the complicated pleasures of family life, or the succulence of the natural world just beyond the kitchen door. Not every poet can make tasks such as hanging laundry resonate with both metaphysical insight and sensual pleasure. Rockman can. And does, in poems that, line by line, offer the kind of memorable images, surprising thought-shifts, and lyrical insights that we expect from the best of our poets. Sting and Nest is a wild blessing of a book, and it is hard to believe it is the poet’s first.”

—Clare Rossini, winner of the Akron Poetry Prize, author of Winter Morning With Crow and Lingo

“Barbara Rockman writes a deft sort of lyric that is compressed, compassionate, and unsentimental. Her subject is the ebb and fl ow of domestic life, but there is nothing familiar or conventional about her approach. Above all, she has the capacity to wrest celebration from our failings, sorrows, and confusions, to find those moments when, as she puts it in her closing poem, “the hope-broken sky [grows] radiant.”

—David Wojahn, Pulitzer Prize finalist, author of Late Empire and Spirit Cabinet

Barbara Rockman grew up in western Massachusetts. She is co-editor of the anthology Women Becoming Poems. Her poems have been recognized with the Baskerville Publishers’ Award, the New Mexico Discovery Award, the Southwest Writers Poetry Prize, and The MacGuffin National Poet Hunt. She received her M.Ed. from Antioch New
England, and her M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Barbara teaches poetry at Santa Fe Community College, and in private workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Softcover, 6 by 9 inches, 103 pages, ISBN 978-0-86534-807-3, $16.95

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